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Training & mindset change

For a successful digital strategy, the first step is to align and involve people.

Personalive organises workshop and corporate training courses focused on vision, mindset change, digital innovation, customer-centric and omnichannel approach.

The sessions are flexible and customizable depending on aim and needs, therefore those are delivered in order to share all the useful elements with the Key Resources within the company in order to transmit a clear vision of the future.

Our CEO Andrea Boaretto has a long experience in the field of digital innovation, personas and market research, and he is a professor of omnichannel marketing across Italian and international universities and business schools, further being speaker and chairman at numerous events and conferences; 

Regarding the Digital and Healthcare sphere instead, we can count on the thirty years long experience endowed by Oscar Lambrughi, Personalive’s Business Developer, and on a strong network of partners for all the necessities.

Mindset change

Our offer aimed at Mindset Change is wide and ranges from Eye-Opening workshops to plenary presentations with testimonials and practical case studies, to the organization of digital co-creation and design thinking moments to re-think the corporate strategy.

Mindset change workshops are an excellent methodology both if used within an event-driven perspective (launch of a new product, creation of a new corporate touchpoint, etc.) or as a tool to begin a strategic rethinking of the company in digital (digital innovation) and omnichannel terms.

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Courses and lectures for in-depth study or to keep your personnel updated on topics such as Omnichannel Marketing, customer profiling, personas and customer journey mapping, branding and content strategy: everything your company needs to be always aligned with the latest trends and opportunities.

The interactive training sessions that we offer are customized on the different areas in which the company may operate and are organized in both B2C and B2B fields.

For the development of Digital Innovation activities we use the most modern co-creation and Design Thinking methods, for a spontaneous interaction with the participants.

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