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Business model & digital strategy

To be successful, a corporate digital strategy implies an organizational rethinking, in terms of multichannel ecosystem and business model.

Personalive structures multi-year corporate reorganization projects, with an approach that merges data-driven elements strongly oriented to the needs of the market and of the final customer to the critical review of the activities inside the client company.

Organizational change is a long process and has a strong impact on company activities, but a winning company is also able not to fossilize on its consolidated business model, always looking for new challenges.

Personalive offers strategic and operational support for these activities

Digital strategy

The world is changing: social and technological trends have brought radical changes to the market, and nowadays having an effective digital strategy is essential regardless of the reference market.
Using proprietary profiling mechanisms (Dynamic Personas®) focused on different buyer personas and adopting highly data-driven omnichannel marketing techniques aimed at reversing the status quo, Personalive supports companies in structuring their own Innovative Digital Strategy.

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Innovative Business models

Do you have a new business model idea but you need structure and method for grounding your idea? Do you work in a traditionally strong but reluctant company?

The rethinking of the Business Model is a long and delicate activity, but with a long-term impact that small improvements cannot have.

Personalive consultants have always been attentive to the latest trends and innovations, relying on the PoliHub innovation district of the Politecnico di Milano and on the long experience of its founders.

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