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Market Researches

Personalive is born as a company that develops innovation in market research aimed at developing customer-centric strategies and omnichannel ecosystems: the expertise gained over the projects combined with previous experience in omnichannel marketing has led us to refine different types of market research.

The value proposition we propose is wide and customizable combining qualitative methods such as focus groups, workshops and interviews with quantitative methods such as surveys, marketing analytics and database analysis.

The purpose of market research is manifold, the objectives can be the exploration of the market, the profiling of customers and prospects, the generation of meaningful insights or the validation of alternatives.

The crucial role of marketing analytics

With the advent of omnichannel marketing and the arrival of Big Data, having the possibility to make strategic data-driven decisions starting from well-defined cues and insights has revolutionized the business, leading to a greater focus on the customer and the information he/she decides to share with us.

Our background is strongly oriented to the culture of the data generated through market research, which allows our clients to design strategies aimed at fulfilling their customers needs providing the information they seek to resolve issues or to ignite the spark surprising them along their customer journey.

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Profiling: our buyer personas

The final result of our market research is the profiling of customers, which, depending on the type of project, can correspond to a segmentation or to the creation of ad hoc Buyer Personas.

We use a proprietary method called Dynamic Personas® which links the omnichannel customer journey with the facets the customer has in the different relevant contexts. These profiles can also be associated with individual contacts in CRM in order to quantify them and generate targeted and profiled omnichannel marketing actions.

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