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Knowing customers as a key to a good marketing strategy – Credimi S.p.A. Case Study


Credimi was born as an innovative start-up operating in the Fintech world in September 2015, "Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs".
After a staggering growth, today Credimi is a financial intermediary supervised by Banca d’Italia. It has enough funds to provide 300 million in loans to companies, and it is able to offer a multitude of financial services by focusing its business model on digital.


Credimi SpA was founded in September 2015 with the aim of simplifying access to corporate credit. During its first year of life, it achieved record results at European level, becoming the fastest growing platform in the digital lending sector.

Some of the key activities to achieve these results are the definition of a communication strategy capable of transmitting corporate values to its customers and the achievement of an adequate knowledge of the company’s target market.

Personalive supported Credimi in these two activities combining market research and different kind of marketing analytics. First by profiling the CFO target - with the structuring of three different buyer personas - then by evaluating the different communication proposals through the direct involvement of customers and prospects with co-creative and interactive methods.

"In less than two years, Credimi has become the leading platform for financing companies in continental Europe. Personalive has been the partner that has allowed us to better understand our target, i.e. corporate finance, administration, treasurers managers and CFOs: categories not easy to reach with the traditional media of communication. Thanks to Personalive we have understood which are the daily journeys of these professionals, what interests them, what media they enjoy and at what time of day, and so we have been able to build in a few months a 'widespread' communication plan that allowed us to develop an awareness of the new brand of more than 50% and contribute concretely to the success of Subsequent studies focused on CFOs have allowed us to understand even more deeply their approach to credit and banking institutions and to refine our communication and product offering"

Gianmarco Molinari Credimi Co-Founder
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