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Measurement strategy & data analysis

We cannot improve what we do not measure. And you cannot measure if you do not know how to measure.

Personalive puts the roots of its digital strategy projects on the creation of a structured framework for measuring the Omnichannel Marketing campaigns according to the company objectives, highlighting expected results as well as the elements needed as input of the project using a suitable KPI Digital dashboard.

Following the data-driven approach, we start from the analysis of the data, whether it comes from CRM and database already present in the company or collecting them through Omnichannel Marketing campaigns designed ad hoc for the customer, with the aim of capturing insights and trends useful to structure customer’s digital strategy.

We also support the customer in the creation of its Customer Data Hub from scratch, analyzing the information present on customers profiles and defining omnichannel marketing campaigns to be able to subsequently populate the Customer Data Hub in a structured way.

Measurement strategy

We carry out monitoring and analysis of omnichannel marketing campaigns starting the measurement strategy process at the very beginning of the project. To do this we consider both digital touchpoints and physical touchpoints in the design of customized dashboards, which are created starting from our experience in the sector and from the needs of the specific customer, and which follow the marketing funnel in its different stages.

The aim is to provide useful insights detecting them through the omnichannel marketing campaign, to support the company in implementing actionable activities aimed at achieving its business objectives.

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Diamond Board - The multichannel marketing dashboard

That is why, we created Diamond Board, a veritable multichannel marketing dashboard which fully seizes companies’ need to monitor and analyze marketing campaigns in a simple and user-friendly way.

There will be no more necessity to resort to scattered Excel sheets for analysis or to agencies’ reports, but Diamond Board will the one and only reference point for all channels and marketing & communication initiatives both online and offline.

Our marketing dashboard allows companies to quickly reach a whole new level of data-driven decision making, thanks to a ready-to-use dashboard.

Diamond Board is a funnel-based dashboard and offers not only a C-level strategical overview, but also a series of middle level monitoring KPIs along the funnel for deeper analysis.

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Crm analytics

We analyze the company's data assets defining logical mapping and integration between systems and company data-silos selecting the most suitable structure for the Customer Data hub.

In particular, we structure CRM analytics KPIs that allow us to understand the quality and potential of the data, as well as provide the basis for the knowledge of the end-customer.

The final end is to obtain a unique point of view on the customer, gathering all the relevant information about him through the right touchpoints in order to offer him a digital content strategy seamless and aligned with his expectations along all the different touchpoint of the omnichannel ecosystem.

Finally, we provide profiling in the CRM by linking the most similar Dynamic Personas® profile to the specific customer, through the identification of a few discriminating variables customized to the company contexts.

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