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Designing multichannel fan experience – Vero Volley Case


Consorzio Vero Volley, a Volley company based in Monza, the only sport firm in Europe which features two teams in the major volley leagues - male and female. Moreover, both of them took part during the 2018-2019 season to European competitions (also winning Women's Challenge Cup). Consorzio Vero Volley also run a youth sector composed by more than 1,700 members.


The Consorzio Vero Volley, Italian volleyball excellence of the A1 men’s and women’s championships, following a customer-centric approach focused on B2C has decided to review the way to interact with its fans through an omnichannel perspective. The objective was to design an omnichannel ecosystem able to offer its audience, online and offline, a relevant fan experience through the enhancement of existing touchpoints and the introduction of new ones, and the definition of an appropriate digital strategy. The aim was also settled with the perspective of customizing content according to the results of customer profiling, in this case fans, with a consistent content strategy.

In addition to be a distinctive element of the Consorzio towards its fans, the information about the fan base also allows to offer value adding services to the Consorzio sponsors, linking and fully integrating its two B2C and B2B worlds.

“You can not think about innovation without thinking about Personalive”

Alessandra Marzari President of Consorzio Vero Volley
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