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Organizational impacts of Digital Transformation


Worldwide leading B2B2C company in the production and sale of precision systems through independent retailers throughout the country.

It is part of an international group, which develops and distributes equipment, products and technologies in various fields and sectors.


The client company has been operating on the market for a long time, with a solid brand that is synonymous with quality and innovation. It has grasped the changes taking place in the social and economic context, taking the strategic decision to learn more about its primary B2B customer and to open up to the final consumer in order to be able to propose a value offer that responds to the real needs of its customers.

Starting from the customers’ needs has proved to be only the first step of an innovative strategic path structured according to digital transformation. In order to become a customer-centric company, the client had to work deeply on different internal and external aspects, setting up an integrated ecosystem of touchpoints which could give the possibility to structure a seamless and valuable offer in a B2B2C perspective. This started a change management process at all company levels, defining a new organizational structure and introducing new figures and roles to oversee the customer experience throughout each touchpoint and to monitor it thanks to the selection of strategic KPIs related to customer satisfaction. It also enabled the design of a roadmap aimed at creating a customer data-hub capable of really providing a single view of the customer, in order to be able to make strategic and / or operational decisions in a data-driven logic.

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