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Supply chain and mindset change for marketing improvement – Shell Lubricants case study


Shell Lubricants is a Shell division specializing in the production of lubricants and industrial oils.

Macro-distributors, independent European companies that distribute and sell Shell Lubricants products in their respective markets, among other types of product.

Countries involved in the project: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greek, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary.


Shell lubricants, a Shell division specializing in the production of lubricants and industrial oils, has grasped the importance of having a customer-centric approach also in B2B, and has taken the decision to provide a value-added mindset change service to its customers and business partners at European level. Specifically, the delivery of an annual training program personalized on issues of digital strategy and omnichannel marketing both strategic and operational, aimed at supporting and developing the skills of the marketing figures of their Macro distributors at European level. This has been possible through the development of a blended program with both Face to Face activities and webinars which have featured not only theoretical moments but also action learning activities involving participants in the application of the learned marketing methodologies within their real business cases.

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