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Omnichannel Marketing for retail–Canon case


Canon Italia is the Italian branch of the Japanese multinational company leader in the supply of cameras, video equipment and inkjet and professional printers.

The distribution structure is based on three main channels: eCommerce, GDO and distribution through local shops, the most important of which are called CPIP – Canon Professional Imaging Partner.

The project consists of a multi-year mentoring collaboration to selected CPIP of great strategic importance for Canon Italia, in the years 2017 and 2018: Andreella Photo based in Busto Arsizio (Varese area) and FCF_Forniture CineFoto based in Milan.


The project was born from Canon intent to first-hand invest in the development of its worthy partners. The project, called Multichannel Boosting, had the aim of enhancing the selected CPIPs by helping them to redesign their business models, with marketing consultancy to increase the effectiveness of the company’s digital strategy and omnichannel marketing activities in general.

The selected CPIPs, to date, are Andreella Photo based in Busto Arsizio and FCF_Forniture CineFoto based in Milan.

In both cases, the project has been carried out through regular marketing consultancy and coaching at CPIP’s location.

The first step of the mentoring program consists of a kick-off meeting during which the CPIP is supported in generating specific ideas and objectives to be achieved during the project.

Afterwards, Personalive consultants proceed with the drawing up of an annual operating plan based on the received feedback. The annual plan is constantly monitored and updated with proven Project Management methods in order to deploy the established operational activities of omnichannel marketing in the short term, and the company Digital Strategy, with a positive and innovative change, in the long term.

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